Solstice For The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)

Solstice is an interesting isometric platformer game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game does not come equipped with a battery so if you die, it is right back to the beginning with you! Many games would use a password system to allow players to jump to a specific part of the game, this is not one of those games. It does have an interesting temporary save system that is a little more forgiving to the player. There are these "credits", that look like coins, that you collect in the game. However you need to be a little bit clever about how you collect the credits because they save the state of the world the way that it is in the moment. The best strategy is to collect the coins after completing as much as you can without dying. This way when you get warped back to the temporary save point you'll not be so far back in the game. By the way, I say "little more forgiving" because once you warp back to a credit location you can not do it again. In fact the next time you die you warp back to the credit you got before that and the state of the world when you collected it. Once you run out of credits, you will officially get a game over and have to restart.

Starting with the save system was a weird way to start this post but I found it interesting so it came out a bit early. Other elements of the game are pretty cool as well such as the magic system. The magic system itself I didn't know how to do until I accidently ran across it. I do encourage anyone who buys cart only (not complete in box) old games, that you look up the user manual online because you can better learn the controls for when you play and you don't have to discover them along the way. That being said, there is something magical about learning something new about the game as you progress by accident. Anyway, the way that you use magic is by pressing Select on your controller, moving the blinking cursor with the d-pad over the magic spell you want to use and then while playing the game press the start button to activate the spell. Below is the list of spells and what they do for each potion color:

All together this game was a blast to play through and it is pretty easy to pick up a copy of the game for as little as $2 for your NES. I would highly recommend playing this game if you like this style of game. Below are some videos I did for the channel that show off the game and you can even vicariously share my experience of discovery and fun since this is basically my first play through of the game!