House Party - That One Game On Steam

House Party is an interesting game where you are to be a drug dealing, sex addicted, prankster. Brett and I got this game without even looking it up, and boy were we surprised about what goes on in it. It took us a good 40 minutes or so before we found the menu that tells you how to pull out your penis and start stroking it. It was also an accident that we came across the orgasm meter as well. This game is not for children, but it offered some of the most hilarious moments for us personally during a recording session. Never have we laughed so hard then the moment that we looked down to see an actual dick on the character.

So basically, the game is about you being in a party and you are trying to get on most everyone’s good side. The controls are a bit clunky, but I suppose it isn’t that bad unless you are trying to run away from Frank because you accidentally told him that you drink alcohol, of which makes him incredibly angry and knock you out producing a game over. Basically, the game is about going around and doing “quests” for the various guests at the party. Some about providing methods of getting them high and others about doing some awful pranks to the girls. All this madness combined makes for a hilarious experience when you are playing with friends watching.