Gamedev Gorb

Hey guys, how is it going? Xalo here! Here to help fulfill a blog post, yay!!! So, in Game or bust, there is the bust part of it, where there is comedy, and fun, and a bunch of laughter!! But what about the "Game" of the bust?


 Well let me tell you about it, apart from playing them, games don't just appear out of nowhere, developers make them. Right now, you may be thinking, "why Xalo do you have to cover the Game side of things, what you are talking about is boring!!". Let me put it this way, On Easter (Yes, it's coming up), you want to know what's in your baskets, right? Well same could be said about games.


Let's start at the very beginning. Tennis for two, which is like Pong, is the 1st video game ever created. It was made in October 1958. Created as an interactive exhibit in a lab. People loved it and games have been evolving since then.


We are going to jump 60 years in the future, games are everywhere. FPS, MMO, MMORPG, RPG, racing, puzzle you name it. It's all readily available in the palm of your hands.


Are you interested in making video games? Let me tell you how you can get involved if you would like to do it.


Learn Code (preferably Python, C# or C++

Learn Modeling

Find a game engine (there is so many out there, Unity, UE4, CryEngine, RPG maker)


Once you get that far, make a game! It does not matter what it is or how it is made. Then start looking at marketing opportunities to show your game to the world.


Remember if you make a game, don't hesitate to contact Brett or Brent to show your game in a video, or even play it!


The Game Or Bust Discord server is an awesome way to communicate, and socialize with the community of GorB, it’s a blast!! I am even on there!


Well guys now we know why there is the “Game” in Game or bust, because of playing and possibly making games (who knows how long that will last).


Thank you for your time! Keep on making those games!!