Want to Collaborate?

We love collaborations and want to work with the various channels that are in our community. If you are a channel that is smaller than us in subscribers, please feel free to join our Discord server and get in contact with our moderators! Below are the channels we will collaborate with

What if you have more than or the same subscribers?
Please contact us directly, we would love to talk with you about collaboration! Send an email to Brent: brent@gameorbust.com

Are You a Game Developer?

If you have a game that you think we would have a blast playing and be something that our community will enjoy, we would highly encourage you to share it with us so that we can play it on the channel. You can send your inquiry to Brent via email brent@gameorbust.com

Want to Send Us Digital Stuff?

We have had community members ask where they can send games on steam or how they can send us digital download keys. If you are sending a digital download key, please send it to keys@gameorbust.com and feel free to include a little message to us because we will give a shout out if we use the key! If you are looking to send us digital content via Steam then our steam account is "Game Or Bust" On Steam.

Want to Send Us Physical Stuff?

Quite a few people in the community have asked to send us stuff like games, things they’ve created, shirts, and even books. So, we thought that we would give them a way to do that.

Game Or Bust
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